Now Are The Prophecies Fulfilled

Now Are The Prophecies Fulfilled is a collection of English byzantine music hymns of the nativity of Christ, Chanted by the Choir of OGIDITRIA.

  1. Kathismata Of Matins
  2. Dismissal Hymn Of Christmas
  3. The Entreaty at the Vigil
  4. Readings & Hymns at the Prophecies
  5. Hymn Of The Ninth Royal Hour
  6. Hymn Of The Sixth Royal Hour
  7. Contagion Of Christmas
  8. Hymn At The 50th Psalm
  9. Aposticha Of Vespers
  10. Kathisma Of Matins
  11. Triadic Canon At Compline
  12. Praises Of Matins Ye Angelic Hosts
  13. Hymn Of The First Royal Hour
  14. Aposticha Of Matins
  15. Praises Of-Matins Lo Now-She Hath Appeared
  16. 09-Synaxarion—Sunday-Before-Christmas-00-58
  17. Hymn Of The Third Royal Hour
  18. Stichera Of Vespers
  19. Contagion Of The Forefeast
  20. Contagion Of The Forefeast